Refresher Training


We can organise refresher training for you if you have not driven for a while:

  • To re-gain your confidence
  • To enable you to be successful with a VOC or a job interview
  • Provide you with insight into what a prospective employer will be looking for
  • We can organise practice with reversing
  • We can organise practice with trailers
  • We can organise practice with a road ranger gearbox
  • You can have as little or as much time as you want


We also offer refresher training for employers looking to keep licenced staff up to date with current procedures and legislation, refresh their memory on the basics and eliminate any bad driving habits that may have developed.

This can be done at our facility but is usually better done in yours as we can address specific problems that relate to your working environment.

We can:

  • Assess and report back on the employee's driving skills
  • Ensure correct industry procedures
  • Suggest how to minimise maintenance
  • Assist in training to drive economically
  • Conduct some short theory question and answer sessions to re-confirm what drivers should know
  • Issue paperwork to place on file to confirm that training has been complete

We are happy to discuss any specific issues or requests you may have.

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