Verification of Competency

An employer has a duty of care to make sure a person is capable of doing what they hold a Licence for and "safely do what needs to be done".


As an employer, you may need to organise some VOC's for drivers you already have working for you as part of a workplace audit, a request from your insurance company or a Principal Contractor, who has engaged you to undertake some work for them.

You may also be looking at employing some new drivers to work for you.

In both of these instances, we are able to offer you a VOC or Verification of Competency.

With existing staff

We can assess their current practical skills level with the gearbox they are using, their on road driving skills, reversing and trailer skills and address any specific issues you have, refresh the basics etc.

With new staff

You direct them to us or book them in as part of your employment hiring process and we can make an impartial judgement on their driving skills and suitability for the role you are trying to fill and report directly back to you with the findings, saving you organising trucks and staff to be available to take potential new employees out for a test drive.


Whilst you may be legally allowed to drive a class of vehicle i.e. you hold a current Heavy Combination Unconditional Licence, can you actually drive the truck safely, without crashing and crunching through the gearbox?

The answer to this may be "Yes" or "No - not currently competent". If you have not driven for a while, then you should definitely consider doing some refresher training as you may only get one chance to make an impression.

If you are called for a job interview and asked to undertake a VOC, you need to ensure you can demonstrate this to your prospective employer.

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